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Hallaton Manor is not typical of a residential care home service catering for people with mental health or dementia related issues. It achieves its’ results by unconventional means. For a start, it is a magnificent old property with beautiful gardens and panoramic views and not an anonymous, purpose built facility. This encourages people with complex mental health, dementia and behavioural issues to relax, breathe and adjust to life in our community.

We decline to put our residents or staff into neat conventional boxes. We do not categorise or separate our residents according to age or health needs. The residents, aged 35 years upwards, our oldest being 94, live in a community that reflects life outside the home, the more able encouraged to lend support and assistance to those less able.
Quality of life
We have created an environment where residents can achieve the best quality of life and health possible, through excellent care, complementary therapies, healthy nutrition and less reliance on medication. The residents are able to reclaim some of the responsibility that is often removed from their lives when they enter the care system.

We have changed our focus from delivering activities around care, to delivering care around activities, recruiting extra staff to assist with the residents’ busy social lives.

We do not believe in blindly administering medication and try to minimise reliance on it wherever possible. We work closely with G.P.s and Consultants to review and reduce the need for medication, focusing on healthy nutrition and complementary therapies.

A balanced diet
We have removed added sugar, caffeine and sugary drinks from the diet completely. In the café, residents can help themselves to quality, decaffeinated tea, coffee or chilled fresh fruit juices at any time. They may choose from a menu of homemade, nutritious and imaginative meals and snacks, prepared using fresh produce and ingredients containing vitamins and minerals that can enhance cognitive function, reduce cholesterol and improve visual health. Residents can entertain guests in the café, listening to music of their choice on the jukebox, or join in the daily topical debate at coffee time.
Creating the perfect environment
Sympathetic alterations have enabled the home to provide a modern standard of care in a classic environment, with excellent facilities throughout, including a passenger lift. There is an attractive reception area where residents may welcome their guests. Three spacious lounges and other relaxing seating areas provide residents and their guests with a choice of day space and boast stunning views over open countryside.

The cafe is tastefully decorated and our highly qualified catering staff provide excellent meals using locally sourced, fresh produce. The menu is changed daily and offers a choice of dishes at each meal. All dietary requirements are catered for and relatives and guests are welcome to join the residents for meals.

Our multi-category registration enables us to care for people with a wide variety of needs: the frail elderly; younger and older people suffering from dementia and other mental health needs; the physically disabled and post-dependency clients.

Potential residents are carefully assessed prior to admission to ensure that their needs can be met and the homely environment that we strive to create is maintained.

A healthcare professional states - "Care at Hallaton is always person-centred. All residents are treated as individuals and not as a person with dementia or a mental health need. Some of our service users have very complex needs and have been moved from other care homes unable to meet their needs. However, Hallaton Manor always works hard to meet residents’ needs, contacting our service for advice and support, giving us the confidence that we are always informed and involved in the care of our service users. I highly recommend the care provided at Hallaton Manor.”

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